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The column density of gas, stars and dark matter in the most overdense region in the FLARES sample .


The First Light And Reionisation Epoch Simulations (FLARES) are a suite of high-resolution hydrodynamic ‘zoom’ simulations of galaxy formation and evolution using the EAGLE physics model. The main suite consists of a series of 40 regions with a range of overdensities selected at z = 5 from an enormous 3.2 Gpc dark matter-only volume. This selection allows us to study the environmental impact on galaxy evolution at high-redshift. We can also combine these simulations to produce composite distribution functions, significantly extending the dynamic range of the EAGLE model over smaller volume, periodic simulations.

These simulations provide a valuable resource for studying galaxy evolution over the first 2 billion years of the Universe’s evolution, and enable predictions for upcoming observatories such as JWST, Euclid, and Roman.

DMO box comparison

Diagram of the 3.2cGpc box from which we select our regions (Barnes et al. 2017a). To demonstrate the increase in volume, we show the Bluetides simulation (L = 570 cMpc; Feng et al. 2016) inset in blue, and the fiducial EAGLE simulation (L = 100 cMpc; Schaye et al. 2015) inset in red.


The initial paper for “The FLARES Project” has been published as Lovell et al. 2021. For more information and relevant publications please visit FLARE’s project description page or contact Christopher Lovell.